What’s it like to work at Social Investment Business?

4 October 2017

Zuber Rahman, our new Financial Accountant, spills the beans on what it’s like working for Social Investment Business and what he has learned after his first few months with us

When I made the switch from private ‘traditional’ finance to the social investment sector I did have some reservations. From where I had come from, the stereotype of the third sector was of caring and well-meaning organisations that could be inefficient or a bit ineffective.

My first few months here have taught me that this is far from the case.

The organisations that we support tend be extremely entrepreneurial and demonstrate really strong business skills in their quests to improve people’s lives.

In fact, many private sector organisations could learn a lot from the discipline and focus of the social enterprises I’ve seen. Take Bevan Healthcare CIC, an organisation we have invested in who have proven their commercial credibility through winning several large contracts to provide social care to their local community in West Yorkshire.


Bevan is not alone in this success. Social Investment Business has supported and empowered hundreds of social sector organisations from all walks of life.

So what part do I play in this?

As Financial Accountant, I’m tasked with analysing the economic viability of the organisations we work with and ensuring key regulatory criteria are met. Speaking in layman’s terms; I make sure our money goes out the door the right way!

I work closely with my colleagues to make sure this happens – all of whom are passionate about what we do. Everyone is friendly and willing to help which creates a great collaborative atmosphere and sense of community.

SIB also invests in its people. They do a great job in ensuring that team members have the opportunity to try new things and are rewarded in the right way.

I’m also impressed with how SIB acts on the results of staff surveys and lives up to its five core values – it’s not just lip-service like I have seen from other places.

Having worked in finance, I know how easy it is to get lost in the minutia of data and forget how social investment can help charities and social enterprises transform people’s lives. This is why I would recommend anyone thinking of joining SIB to have a look at the stories of what we do to understand the real life consequences of our work.

For all the numbers, it’s impossible to quantify the feeling that your work has helped someone find their feet after overcoming addiction or a community to redevelop a well-loved local landmark.

There are some things in life you can’t put a price on. I would know. I’m an accountant.

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